Services we offer


Services we offer

The Company was opened 01 August 2016 and trade as a PTY LTD - Private Company.

The Business is Owner managed. Mrs. Viljoen manages the company on a day to day basis with a very lean structure, and tight control over any fixed costs.




To maintain exceptional service excellence whilst transporting goods on behalf of our clients to their customers.

To timeously deliver non damaged goods, in a professional manner, to the end user.

To be competitive in the marketplace without compromising service of loyalty to the customer.

A 24/7 satellite tracking vehicle and trailer monitoring and communication system has been in place for all our vehicles.

As can be seen from our fleet composition, we are equipped to cater for loads from 10 Ton, 26 Ton up to 34 Ton.  

All the prices supplied to you are based on weight factors for specific vehicles.


Service Strategy


Part of our service strategy is to ensure that:

Our vehicles are always as clean as possible and, that their general appearance is acceptable.

Our drivers and assistants are trained and trained and that they always act in an acceptable and professional manner.

Through the 24-hour monitoring system that we have in place, we always know where our vehicles are. The system enables us to keep the communication channels open between ourselves, and our customers.

As part of our proud tradition that we have here at Nuvoni Logistics, all our vehicles are clear marked with our Company's colours and name. Our vehicles are repaired as and when needed.

All our driver's are in possession of a valid driver's permit and Pdp that is renewed every 24 month's.

All our vehicles are subject to a regular inspection and roadworthy (COF). 

Our company complies with the Occupational Health & safety Act (OHSA) legislation and more specifically with the general safety regulations as contained in the OHS - ACT. 


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